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Visiting Kashmir? Know The Types of Kashmiri Hand Embroidered Shawls To Buy

Date : 16 Sep, 2021

Graceful to wear, soft to touch, and exceptionally beautiful, Kashmiri shawls are one of the finest skills of Kashmiri artisans as well as highlighting sophisticated aesthetics. If you are planning for a Kashmir trip, Kashmiri hand-embroidered shawls are a must-buy for every traveler out there.

Types of Shawls

There are three types of base fabric of Kashmiri shawls namely pashmina, raffal, and shahtoosh. Known as the king of wool, shahtoosh is a fine fabric that can even pass through a ring. On the other hand, Pashmina is a popular category of Kashmiri shawls with their origin in Ladakh. Raffal is another category of Kashmir shawls that is one of the most popular items to purchase, when in Kashmir. 


If you book the best Kashmir tour packages from Kolkata, as a traveler from Bengal, you are going to love all three categories of Kashmiri shawls as they are available at a cheap price.


The only thing that stands out is the types of hand embroideries done on Kashmiri shawls. Being tourists, you might not recognize original and delicate categories and shopkeepers in Kashmir might be successful in tricking you with fake ones. This is why we have highlighted the types of hand embroideries for original Kashmiri shawls. Let us discuss the types of embroideries that are handcrafted in the valley. 

Sozni Embroidery

Sozni Kari is the best-suited embroidery for hand-woven pashmina shawls. They are fine and delicate to wear and they can tear easily if you treat them harshly. They are so delicate that they can even fit a small box. On your next Kashmir trip, if you are planning to buy a Kashmiri shawl in traditional designs, note that they have emerged from Persian-inspired Paisley which Mughals introduced in the valley. 


The artisans of Kashmir have a choice to pick colors for a specific shawl. If you are confused about the type and colors to choose, you can depend on them as they have years of experience with the base color and fabric. They can help you choose a complimenting shade that remains influenced by fashion trends.

Tilla Embroidery

Tilla Embroidery is one of the most expensive designs on Kashmiri shawls. This kind is pretty popular in Kashmir that every bride should have at least one. It mainly originated from a village known as Zari in Iran. 


A Sufi saint, Syed Ali Hamdani, introduced this embroidery to the local community in Kashmir. Later on, the Mughals were fascinated by its royal appearance and utilized this embroidery for the outfit in the royal courts. If you have already booked one of the best Kashmir tour packages from Kolkata, keep your savings aside for this kind of embroidery as they are done profusely on sheep wool shawls and are pretty expensive. 

Kalamkari Embroidery

Kalamkari embroidery designs are not embroidery as such. Sozni embroidery is done over hand-painted motifs. Kalamkari refers to the work of pens and they are used for making these designs from bamboo. The colors utilized for these kinds of embroidery are natural dyes. The painting over the Kashmiri shawls is largely complicated and utilizes 20 steps to complete the procedure. The ultimate result is breathtakingly beautiful and intricately detailed. It's a must-have item to buy when you go for your Kashmir trip

Wrapping Up

Being the land of beauty and snow-capped mountains, Kashmir is much more than mighty plains, lush green landscapes, and scenic beautiful places. The handicraft sector of Kashmir flourishes with beautifully crafted pieces and collecting them while returning from your Kashmir trip is nothing but a piece of art to be treasured for a lifetime.