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Facts On Luxurious 7 Star Hotels: A Travel Guide

Date : 09 Aug, 2021

What can be more beautiful than spending a vacation in India are made colossal properties surrounded by well-equipped amenities, lush greenery, fine dining restaurants, opulent suites, fitness centers, and soothing spas. Yes, you are thinking it right. We are talking about a seven star hotel in India. Recognized for their hospitality and graciousness, seven star hotels in India are different from that of five-star hotels. Let us explore more to know. 

Determining a 7 star hotel

Whether there is not an official Global standard of rating that allows the hotel to earn a seven-star category, the benchmarking is generally performed on the basis of the levels of comfort, hospitality, and luxury provided by the property. The overall experience of the customer is nothing less than grandiose. If you're looking for your next trip and hoping to consult a tour agency in Kolkata, rest assured about the hotel facilities. The best tour agency in Kolkata will provide you with 7 star hotels for leisure and business stays. 
Facilities provided: India 7 star hotel experience

There are particular benchmarks when it comes to a seven-star property or what you also can call a premium property. Below are a few things to check: 

  • 7-star properties have more suites than rooms having iconic architecture. If you are looking to live in a luxurious manner for a few days during your vacation, book a 7 star hotel in Kolkata. 
  • The location happens to be something paramount and the premises of the property need to be out of reach for the common public. If you are looking for solace, contact an affordable tour agency in Kolkata. 
  • Room service is the best thing about seven-star properties and you are likely to be treated with your personal butler catering to all your demands. 
  • You are going to experience a touch of luxury in all aspects of your hotel with complete privacy. 
  • 7-star hotels in India come with services like shuttle service, presidential suite, and gold furnishings. If you contact the best tour agency in Kolkata, they are likely to suggest to you some premium royale luxury hotels. 

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Premium Hotels In India

Although there are no official 7-star hotels in India, here are some of the super-premium hotels in India that can fit the bill of your 7-star property. 

Rambagh Palace, Jaipur

Beautifully created with elaborate sandstone balustrades, handcrafted marble latticework, and cenotaphs, Rambagh Palace exhibits splendor and extravagance. You can experience the royal traditions of Rajput hospitality at this place if you book your package from an affordable tour agency in Kolkata. It is one of those places that can be compared to seven star hotels in India. 

Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur

You can experience unmatched royalty at the iconic place located in the beautiful city of Jodhpur. This is the residence of the beautiful family of Jodhpur and it happens to bring out utmost grandeur as well as royalty in its appearance and, appeal. It was constructed between 1928 and 1943, and it embodies the cultural Rajasthan heritage. If you look forward to booking this place, reach out to the best tour agency in Kolkata for your next trip to Rajasthan. 

Wildflower Hall, Shimla

Nestled within breathtakingly attractive natural scenery, the wildflower hall in Shimla offers a peaceful ambiance to enjoy a rejuvenating and relaxing vacation. Known as the former residence of Lord Kitchener, the commander-in-chief concerning the British army, this property can make your vacation worth cherishing. 

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