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Royal Taj Hotels No One Told You About

Date : 02 Jul, 2021

Are you looking forward to celebrating a new high with delightful surprises? It's time to introduce yourself to the royal Taj hotels in India with stunning views around every bend. No matter where you go, whether you book the best Kashmir tour packages from Kolkata or book a hotel near Dal Lake or look forward to getting surrounded by the majesty of mountains,  experiencing the royalty of Taj hotel in a contemporary and modern space with an essence of Kashmir is something to be experienced in the lifestyle. 


But, if you reach out to a tour agency in Kolkata for the best five-star hotels, they will likely suggest you with the Taj Group as they come with prime amenities and vibrant facilities. However, there are still a few hotels that you might not be aware of. These are some of the prime hotels by the Taj Group that no one might have told you about earlier. If you look forward to a holiday near soon, you can consider booking these for a luxury vacation. 

Vivanta By Taj, Guwahati

The highlight of this hotel is its imposing architecture and facade borrowed from the cultural ethics of Assam. If you want to quickly book a trip to Assam from Kolkata, reach out to a tour agency in Kolkata for booking this hotel. The design of the hotel is inspired by the aesthetics of a popular amphitheater in the Ahom dynasty. You will get to experience plush suites, rooms, a unique bar, an iconic spa, apart from other amenities. 

Vivanta By Taj, Dal Lake, Srinagar

Beautifully weaving with the essence of Kashmir with contemporary amenities, this hotel impresses tourists in supreme manners. The beautiful abode is perched on Kralsangri hill. You get to experience some of the beautiful panoramic views of the attractive Dal lake within the hills of Kashmir. If you look forward to booking the best Kashmir tour packages from Kolkata, this hotel is a must that you should add for experiencing a multi-course Kashmir meal, a beautiful shikara ride during sundown, authentic culinary experience, and fog engulfed valleys surrounding the tea lounge. 

Vivanta By Taj, Aurangabad

Located in a dreaming Mughal Palace and scattered across 5 acres of landscaped lawns, this hotel is a luxurious place in every sense. Home to a garden spa, mini-golf lawns, and dining establishments offering Chinese, Maharashtrian, and international cuisines, this is all you need for a tiring day. Reach out to a tour agency in Kolkata if you are planning a trip to Maharashtra. 

Wrapping Up

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